Messi 3

adidas and Lionel Messi feature the new Messi mirosar10 cleat, inspired by the world’s best player’s upbringing in Rosario, Argentina. “Mirosar10” translates to “my Rosario” and the 10 symbolizes Messi’s jersey number.

The cleat’s orange is a nod to Messi’s first club, while the green represents the team Messi scored four goals against in his first significant 11-a-side game as a child.

A map of Rosario covers the insole along with a graphic of the Batallón pitch, an abandoned military base field that Messi used to sneak onto through a hole in the fence to play soccer with his friends as a child. Messi’s signature adidas logo graces the heel of the new cleat.

The adidas Messi mirosar10 cleat is available today – December 1

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