Premier League week 2

Two weekdays and two clashes amongst top teams in the Premier League. Following Manchester United vs Chelsea [4-0] for the season opener, fans were given another exciting matchup with Man City hosting the Spurs. 

Tottenham Hotspur eliminated the Citizens last year at the Champions League quarterfinal stage and showed again at City why they are one of the best teams in the League.

Eventful match

The Spurs came from behind twice in this game and were very efficient. City shot 30 times total in this match but lacked the finishing touch. They also hit the crossbar and GK Lloris made a few good saves.

Ultimately Gabriel Jesus would give City the win in the added time 3-2, but the goal got finally canceled by the VAR for a handball leading up to the goal.

Coaches comment on the draw. Man City – Guardiola laments missed chances:

“We played incredible. One of the best games we’ve played in our time together.

We played good, but unfortunately we could not win. We’ll recover, train and prepare for the next game. We don’t have regrets, that’s the most important thing.

The way we arrive, create chances and put Tottenham deeper when they wanted to press. Unfortunately, when they cross the line they score and then a set piece. Nothing else.

We play good and in the last moments we score a goal. All we can do is try to play like today as much as possible, be clinical. They are one of the best teams and what we have done against them was fascinating. That’s my feeling.”

Spurs’ coach Pochettino satisfied with result:

“We had the belief and the faith to come here with the mentality, maybe not playing at our best, but trying to fight.Without that mentality, it’s impossible to get the result we got today.

That speaks very highly about the character of the team. I’m so pleased. That point is going to help us to be better.

we want to play in a different way but when you face a team like Manchester City, you see the bench and the players out, it’s clear they have the quality.

They are a consistent team, solid, winning the last two Premier Leagues. We’re in a different process and that’s why we’re so happy to get the result.”