Alex Lacazette celebrates scoring for Arsenal - source Getty Images

Premier League week 2

Arsenal have won their first two games of the season, a rare event that happened only once in a decade. Last time it happened was during the 2009-10 season. The results were unexpected as the club always started badly their season. Is this the season where Arsenal return to a title contender? Football betting UK have the Gunner fighting for top places all season long.

In fact the big summer spendings show how well the team is prepared and desire to be back to the Champions Leaguer competition is clear. 

The Gunners disposed of Burnley thanks to goals from forwards Lacazette and Aubameyeng. The club sits at the second place alongside Liverpool who also won their first tow games. It is a long season, obviously, and this is an encouraging start for Arsenal fans as they have high hopes to play the Champions League after missing on the last few seasons. 

Coach Emery shares his opinion post-game:

“We can be happy and I think that our idea, our game plan on the pitch was knowing it was going to be tough, because we needed to adapt to their game plan: long balls, second action, pushes and high pressing.

And after, we wanted to impose our game plan. Really, I think we won in our moments… we made the difference to win 2-1 but in a lot of moments we couldn’t impose our game plan because they pushed and their game plan was to make us struggle.

With some new players, they made an impact in the first match here. We created this atmosphere today, also with some other players, like Willock, who played very well.

We can also say that the young players have the chance to play, and you need to do this – and he did. I think you can speak about all the team because we worked together with an individual quality and capacity, but above all thinking like a team.

We have 36 matches to play. We’ve started with two victories and last season we started with two defeats. But after, we progressed well in the table. Our challenge is each match. We are happy we have six points. Next week we are going to play against Liverpool, and it’s a big challenge.

Being in this position is better but the difficulties come in each match. We want to be competitive and consistent in our way, and at the moment we did that in the two matches. 


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