With the likes of John O’Shea of Manchester United set to wear the PT+ Classics for the upcoming season, these boots feature the ‘Concave Component.’ One of the first things you notice about the boot is the raised sweet spot. This sweet spot creates a 30% more accurate and a 15% more powerful boot for its consumers. Another aspect plaguing players in this day and age with light boots is metatarsal injuries; the PT+ Classic’s metaguard protects the metatarsal region for added safety. The upper region of the boot features premium kangaroo leather for durability and comfort. The boot comes in at 11.7 oz, which is surprising considering the technology used in the boot.

The first thing you notice about the boot is the raised sweet spot, secondly, you ask yourself “How am I going to get these things on?” Don’t worry! Concave has included a nifty shoe horn that allows easy access. Once the boots are on your feet, you will feel the comfort. These boots are extremely comfortable but the technology may take some getting used to. The sweet spot does take some getting used to but once you perfect striking the ball, goalkeepers watch out. At $200 these boots are well worth it if you are afraid of sustaining an injury to your metatarsal region or you’re looking to be unique on and off the pitch.

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