Premier League week 33

Leicester, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham are chasing a top 4 in the league to reach the UEFA Champions League next season. 

Leicester City can seal the deal with the win today against Crystal Palace leavung the other 5 teams battling for that 4th spot and the Champions League ticket.

Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle. 

Following back-to-back exemplary serason Liverpool fell back to what they have been know before their 6th Champions League trophy: a no contender in the Premier League. Evicted from the Champions League earlier this month, they failed again to win crucial 3 points in the UCL chase. They sit 4 points behind Chelsea who will play Real Madrid in the Champions League semos next week.

Coach Klopp on the disappointing result:

“There is nobody else to blame but ourselves. When you create chances like we created today and you don’t use them then you keep the game open. That’s what we did, but again, that’s football – the oldest and most important football rule [is] you better use your chances when you have them because they will come back again. That’s what we didn’t do and that’s why in the end Newcastle deserve a point because they scored a goal. We gave them another one, they used that, so it’s a 1-1.

“People told me that against the bottom six of the table we got altogether five points, or something like that, which is absolutely obviously not OK, with all respect. We had in all these games, I am pretty sure, a lot of chances and we didn’t use them, so we are where we are. Now, I need time to be frustrated, I need time to be angry and when that is over then we go again. But with results like this, you will not make big steps.”

West Ham 0-1 Chelsea

The shock of matchday 33 in the Premier League saw Chelsea get a very important toi win on top of the table to grab 4th place with a three point margin over West Ham

Coach Moyes on the exicitng season ending:

“It’s great that we can compare ourselves to teams like Chelsea and the other teams around us,” he said. “We have five games until the end and we still have a dream to be in as high a position as possible.

“We want to prepare for the next game and I hope we still have a big chance.”

No Arsenal

Porbably the worst team this seadon judjing from the quality of the squad, especially the attacing front with Lacazette and Aubameyeng. Arsenal fought they had their place in the aborted Super League. In fact they are nowhere in the league at ta miserable 9th place, distanced with no European football unless they win the Europa League. Sorry coach Arteta, your team does not deserve to be world class. Instead Ajax Amsterdam, FC Porto, Olympique Lyon, and a few more are worthy of such term. Money at Arsenal has done nothing for a decade and since Wenger left, the team has lost its spiritual chief, failure after fialure and no more Champions League. Owner Stan Kroenke might be the main reason but at the end the players on the pitch underperformed. Again this time against Everton and the 1-0 loss….

Everton coach Ancelotti on the big win at Arsenal:

It was a good result, important, we are still attached to the top of the table. We needed that. I said before this game we had to keep fighting and we played a good game.

We had difficulties but we tried to play and had some good opportunities. Defensively we were good, I am satisfied with the performance.

It’s all good news tonight and this gives us confidence for the next games. Finally, I can say we are back. We had a difficult moment with lots of injuries but this victory gives us more motivation for the next games.”