When you are engaging in any physical activity, your body needs the proper power to stay energized. Especially when we are using a significant amount of sustained energy, we need to be cognizant of what our bodies need. Soccer, basketball and swimming are a few perfect examples of activities that can require a great deal of energy that is sustained over longer periods. If you are finding that you aren’t able to keep up and instead are running out of energy, try these 5 vitamins and supplements that can help boost your stamina.

Activated AMPK

When we’re feeling sluggish or tired, caffeine and additional water maybe some of the first solutions that we turn to, but both of these can leave us feeling nauseated if we’re running around. Instead of turning to a snack or another beverage, harness the energy that your body may already have on hand. For those who struggle with their energy levels even while maintaining a well-balanced diet, active pk may be exactly what you need. Your body may be storing excess fat, and with this particular supplement, you can harness that energy by adding an excessive amount of additional calories.


Our energy levels can sometimes be attributed to more extensive issues around our ability to process nutrients. Iron deficiencies can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and unregulated levels of energy and can be common among women. Leafy greens, legumes, tofu and red meat all tend to be high in iron which can be easily introduced to a diet. While many iron deficiencies can be mild and be addressed with a change in diet, they can also range in severity and lead to severe problems with your heart and the oxygen levels in your blood. If you suspect this, a consultation with your doctor and blood test can confirm if you need supplement sources of iron.


While many of us are likely including protein into our diets, it is a key ingredient to exercise that we may need to be a bit more intentional with. Working out and physical activity requires significant fuel and can damage our muscles and put stress on our body that we need to then repair. The sources of protein that we consume need to contain large amounts in each item which can be found in chicken, plant-based proteins, eggs, tuna and protein shakes. This is particularly important to repair the damage that is done after a workout or extensive exercise, and by having a restorative snack afterward, our body can begin to rejuvenate itself keeping us strong and healthy.


Creatine monohydrate is a common supplement used among athletes due to its positive results on lean muscle mass and muscle recovery. This supplement is often used to assist runners, bodybuilders and all types of athletes. If you are looking to increase the intensity, speed or energy of your workout, creatine can be a useful supplement. You must keep in mind that it must be used with care and should be taken under the consultation of a doctor.

Energy Boosters

There are times where it may be unclear why you feel sluggish and slow, but you may just need an energy boost. Supplements like ashwagandha, vitamin b12, citrulline can all serve as natural energizers and help you increase your energy if you feel yourself losing steam. These supplements should, again, be monitored closely, but they also can offer wonderful benefits to the users if used correctly. These energy boosters may be what you need to sustain long periods of energy use like you do as an athlete. Let yourself fully engage in your physical activities and tap into the energy that you need.

Many people feel that they can get the energy that they need from proper sleep and a well-balanced diet alone; however, this may not satisfy every need. While a healthy lifestyle will certainly help, to reach the energy levels necessary to participate in intense physical exercise, a supplement or vitamin may be able to fill in the gaps. Let yourself fully immerse yourself in the sport by tapping into the energy and fuel that you need to fully enjoy it.