Betting on your favorite team and playing slots online are two completely different things, yet they have much in common. At the end of the day, both are great forms of entertainment that imply using an online platform to bet money. If you’re soccer fan exploring the world of online casinos and online sport betting, you can’t miss this article; we analyzed these two gambling options and below we present the most important similarities between online casinos and online soccer betting providers:

1)   Funding methods

There’s a vast variety of online payment service providers, in both online bookmakers and online casinos you’ll find from the most traditional payment methods like debit and credit cards to the latest innovations of the industry like Ethereum and a wide range of different e-wallets.

While big gambling platforms gather numerous payment possibilities for their customers, there is a new trend of specialization among small and medium online casinos and bookmakers. Specially in the market of cryptocurrencies; you’ll find in the web several sport betting platforms that only work with cryptocurrencies accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and several others.

2)   Trends

There are certain trends that both online casinos and online soccer betting share. A clear example is the mobile tendency that affects all online entertainment. Every website or game on internet must align to be available in mobile version to cover the complete market, people is now using more their smartphones than ever before, it’s estimated that 35% of all email addresses worldwide are read via mobile devices and gambling platforms are investing also in becoming more mobile. It’s due to this trend that you can now place bets on Manchester or Real Madrid directly from your mobile and even while the match has already started, some big platforms took one step further and started offering direct match broadcast directly from your casino account and through your mobile device, so it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always enjoy the game and have the opportunity of winning real money with it too!

The “Live” phenomenon appeared as a big trend in both gambling options even though they work completely different. For soccer live betting the big advantage is that you can place bets during the match and include some fascinating betting options like betting to the next corner or card. In Live online casino games, the great advantage is to interact in real time with other users and croupiers.

3)   Regulation

The regulation of online gambling is very dynamic and everyday evolves to formalize online gambling protecting users and representing new tax income for governments. Every country manages differently their regulation for online gambling, usually the permits and regulation for sport betting and casinos that operate remotely are managed by the same public instance. However, some countries separate completely the legislation for online sport betting and the one of online casinos, there are even some countries that banned certain type of online sport betting modalities like the United States that only allows fantasy sports betting.

Since there are constant modifications on the online gambling regulations we highly suggest you make a quick research of the legislation of your place of residence before placing your soccer bets.

4)   Providers

The online gambling industry has seen a mix between the providers of these two types of entertainment, by largely sharing the same audience; online bookmakers started offering some casino games on their platforms and the same way online casinos saw the great opportunity of adding sport betting to their offer.

Now at days you’ll surely find both sport and casino options in the biggest gambling platforms of the web. Some brands will manage separate platforms but most of them will let you place bets in both casino and football from the same account.

5)   Promotions

A splendid feature that both entertainment types share are the captivating promotions. Every gambling platform offer different and very attractive promotions to leverage your online gambling experience. From Welcome bonus that duplicates your first deposit, to special promotions for specific soccer championships, you’ll have access to several of these promotions online, just remember to read the small print and fulfill all the promotions requirements to get the benefit from these amazing bonuses.

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