Soccer is described as the world’s greatest game, and this is rightfully so. It definitely brings the world together, and each nation brings its own unique character to the field. The games are fun and interesting to watch for the fans, and the industry brings in millions of dollars a year. Widely known, the game will continue to be played for many years into the future.

Now, for the fans that want to go the extra mile and get in some soccer time whenever the actual games are not live, you can always pick up a copy of the latest FIFA game on your most beloved gaming system. If you’re a gamer, whether you enjoy sports games or not, you will definitely enjoy playing FIFA. The games feature your best teams and players from all over the world and give you the chance to shine and bring your knowledge and skills of the game alive right in your own home. But just like any other game out there, gamers know that you have to spice them up at times to keep them fun and interesting. Here are four things you can do while playing the game to make them even more interesting.

1. Play the Game With Your Partner

Sometimes, FIFA can get old playing it by yourself. Now, when you give yourself time and return to it after a couple of days, you’ll most definitely rediscover that passion for sticking and scoring goals, with the shouts of the crowd bringing a smile to your face again. But if you want to keep the passion alive at all times, consider asking your partner to join you for some games. They might not have that much experience, but they will surely get hooked without much effort when you compete against each other or team-up. Couples everywhere are trying new things to keep the relationship fired up, such as playing a couples game or going on date nights. But with FIFA, you can look no further than your own home and gaming system for a fun night with your partner.

2. Play the Story Mode

One of the greatest features of the game is the story mode, where you create your own player and move up in the leagues. You might get tired of playing online with some of those expert players or newbies, and you might also get distressed by playing a simple match every now and then. But if you return to the story mode, you can recover that spark that you once had for the game. Change the appearance of your player, switch clubs and make it interesting.

3. Practice Being a Striker

Players everywhere probably love the feeling of being a striker the most. There is no greater feeling than scoring a goal for your team when you kick the ball with so much power from way down the field and it swishes into the net. One thing you can do while playing FIFA is work on your striking skills even more. Practice your shots from further down the field or make side shots. When you challenge yourself to get better, you might even become ready for some of the bigger, online leagues.

4. Host Tournaments

Consider hosting your own tournament with FIFA. For example, you could host a tournament within your own state to keep things simple. Send out invitations for people to join, learn what it takes to create a successful, online tournament and gather the entry fees to the competition. You can then use the entry fees to pay out the winner of the competition and keep a small percentage for yourself for all the trouble you went through to create the competition. This will truly be a fun, interesting venture for you.

These are all great things you can do while playing FIFA that you should definitely discover yourself. Try them today to keep the passion alive for this great game.