The World Cup is one of the world’s biggest betting events, but whether you collected on France winning the cup or not there’s another sporting highlight on the horizon that offers even more betting opportunities. The start of the new English Premier League season is drawing ever nearer, and it’s sure to bring its usual mixture of high octane matches mixed with surprise results. There are lots of exciting ways to bet on this competition before it starts, and here are three of the most popular options along with some potential winners.

Premier League Champions

Betting on the Premier League champions prior to the season’s commencement is always popular on leading betting sites such as Toals. Last season, Manchester City romped away with the title, and seemingly had it in the bag from as early as Christmas, but they might face a much tougher challenge this time round. Manchester United continue to spend big, Tottenham have a new home ground, and Arsenal a new manager, all of which could work in the teams’ favour. Perhaps the biggest challenge to City, however, will come from Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, who signalled their intent by paying a world record price for new goalkeeper Alisson.

The Relegation Fight

Even more exciting, because there are more possible contenders, is the Premier League relegation fight, and in such a competitive betting market there’s always value to be found. The three promoted teams always start the season as favourites to go straight back down, but whilst Cardiff City and Fulham may indeed find the next few months a struggle, Championship winners Wolves look to have enough strength in their squad to put up a real fight. You may want to look at teams that fought successfully against relegation last year – could the 2018//19 season be a step too far for the likes of Crystal Palace, Brighton and Hove Albion or Huddersfield Town? If you can predict all three relegated teams you could have a substantial accumulator at the season’s end.

Top Goal Scorer

Spurs striker Harry Kane has just won the golden boot for being the World Cup’s top goal scorer, and he is among the favourites to repeat that feat in the forthcoming Premier League season too. Kane did look to tire at the end of the World Cup, however, and he still has the remarkable record of never having scored a league goal in the month of August, so could others beat him to the top of the charts this season. Liverpool’s Mo Salah is likely to be his main contender, but they could both be pushed close by the likes of Romelu Lukaku and, if he stays fit, Sergio Aguero.

Betting on who will win the English Premier League, who will be relegated from it, or who will be its top goal scorer are just some of the ways that you can bet on the new soccer season. Other popular markets include betting on who will finish in the top 6, or which manager will be sacked first. One thing is for sure, your Premier League bets aren’t guaranteed to win, but they will make the season even more interesting