The world’s first interactive e-book about the history of football to be released on iPad and Android.

December 2011. There will be an exciting new player on the e-book team in mid- December. The history of the beautiful game is about to be brought to life in a way never seen before on the tablet computer format. Leading Brands Publishing, the Dubai-based custom publishing house, today announced the imminent release of Kick-Off, the world’s first interactive e-book charting the history of football. Kick-Off tackles the history of football right from its roots in 2 B.C. China through its organisation into the game we recognise today during the 19th century right up until the swinging 60s with its classic world cups and legendary players. The e-book is packed with rare, vintage videos including some of the oldest recorded clips of football dating back to the 1870s and offers a unique insight to the development of the game throughout its history. A particular highlight is a video clip of a young Pele announcing his precocious talent during the final of the 1958 world cup. This unique e-book will be available to download using the MAGapp e-reader. MAGapp is an application designed by Leading Brands Publishing to create interactive publications that have built-in video, audio, social media and web links, and is currently available on the iPad and 10.1” Android-based tablets. Mars Mlodzinski, company partner at Leading Brands, spoke of the advantages of releasing Kick-Off through the MAGapp e-reader: “Publications released through MAGapp  are not simply glorified PDFs like the majority of publications released on tablets. Magazines and e-books sold through MAGapp come to life with videos and live features that make reading them a fully interactive and entertaining experience. Now the history of football in Kick-Off leaps off the screen through fantastic vintage videos and web features. The goal for Kick-Off was to make it as exciting as the game it chronicles; we know football fans around the globe will have a fantastic experience reading and watching Kick-Off.” There will also be a competition offering readers the chance to win an autographed print of Gordon Banks making football’s most iconic save against Pele’s header at the 1970 Mexico World Cup. The global appeal of football is undoubted and Kick-Off covers the game globally not just focussing on European teams and players. Kick-Off is offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities; with the capabilities of MAGapp, advertisements can be fully interactive with video and audio content and direct web links that are accessed at the touch of a screen. Don’t miss this open goal and take your opportunity to sponsor Kick-Offnow.

Kick-Off will be released prior to Christmas, as the perfect gift for true football fans, through iTunes and the Android store . Download MAGapp for free from these locations. Contact tim@leadingbrandspublishing for more information.

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