La Liga: Real Madrid 0-1 Villareal

Real Madrid have pretty much given up on La Liga title after another disappointing result at home, losing to Villareal 1-0 in the last moments of the game. Real’s current form is awful with only one victory over the last five games.

The bad results have put more pressure on coach Zidane like he had never experienced before. The back-to-back Champions League winner find himself in a very delicate situation as looms the clash between PSG in the Round of 16 of the Champions League. Can he survive this situation? 

Zidane comments on what is going wrong for his squad:
“It is hard to explain. We tried everything. We had clear chances, but the ball would not go in. There is no explanation. This is a bad run that won’t stop, and it is not good for my players. I can’t criticize them. This is simply a bad moment and a tough defeat to take on board because we didn’t deserve that. Amidst all the negatives we have to look for some positives and on Thursday we have a chance to put things right”.

We have done everything possible to win but this is what we’re left with. The ball didn’t want to go in. We tried as best we could and I can’t really offer any explanation. We have games still to come and we can turn this around. We have gone through good times but now we are up against it and we know that. We must focus on what is going to change. We must keep working hard and win some games. Today was a hammer blow but we are going to turn things around on Thursday”.

It might be a mental aspect that is stopping us from winning. When we are on a bad run there are always negatives to pick up on. We shot on target but didn’t score, when there were rebounds we were not on the end of them. This can wear you down mentally. We need to keep plugging away in search of the next win. We did everything possible to win and I honestly cannot reproach my players for their actions. I am not happy but nor do I feel beaten. This is another chance to show that we can turn this situation around. After a game like this, things are tough, but we can turn this around.

We know the situation and what we have to do. It’s tough because we’ve not been on a run like this before; it’s hard on the players because they fight, play well, and the ball just doesn’t want to go in. The great thing about football is the games keep coming and on Thursday we’ve got another 90 minutes to score and win the match. We can’t change today’s result. It hurts, it’s a real blow but we won’t change our mentality, which is move forward and keep fighting”.