By Sergio Ramos

According to the exhibit below, the best soccer player in the final match of the Gold Cup between Mexico-USA, played on Saturday, June 25, was Landon Donovan, followed pretty closely by Michael Bradley and Carlos Bocanegra. In fact, we can distinguish two different groups; those who obtained a score above 100, and those who were below. Another way to look at it is to relate them to average. As we can see, only the first 5 player are above it (123). It is, therefore, very difficult to win a final match or any competition having more players below the mean than those above it, when a team is formed by at least 11 excellent players. These values are obtained by a methodology developed by Sergio Ramos Osorio, that quantifies every participation of a soccer player in a play.  Their participation can be good, very good or excellent or its negative counterpart. Each of these qualitative evaluations receives a quantitative value, summing up to obtain a total score for each player.

These values are used as an indicator to the coach or team owners to make the necessary changes in order to increase
competitiveness; then, these same values are transformed into financial statements, obtaining a cost-benefit relationship and, as in any other asset, a net return.

Further information can be obtained at:, English section, soccer section.  Sergio Ramos is looking for a soccer team to measure its productivity.
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USA soccer best player in the USA-Mexico match

Position     Soccer player      T shirt #     Total score

1           Landon Donavan           10                 345
2          Michael Bradley              4                  335
3          Carlos Bocanegra            3                  275
4          Lichaj                               14                  190
5          Adu                                   20                 170
6          Clint Dempsey                 8                  105
7          Steve Cherundulo           6                    50
8          Kljestan                            16                  50
9          Jones                                13                   40
10        Tim Howard                    1                     25
11         Agudelo                            9                    10
12        Bornstein                         12                   10
13        Bedoya                             22                    0

TOTAL            1605
AVERAGE        123


  1. Oh! Very very good evaluation. El método de evaluación me pareció muy accesible y entendible para cualquier Directivo que desee evaluar a su equipo, Sólo falta que llegue a las manos indicadas para que
    cobren los que realmente saben y salgan a cuadro los de más alta puntuación.

    Sugerencia: envíale un ejemplar (del Libro) a la Universidad del Foot Bol, estoy segura que les va a ser de gran utilidad.


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