In history, there has never been a sports video game franchise as popular as the best-selling FIFA. Not only are people around the world playing the game, but they’re also creating content that is being devoured by players and non-players alike. So, what goes into being among the best FIFA creators?

The Best Creators Excel at Video Editing

One of the primary sources of content for FIFA creators is video of their own games.

Since games can vary from 4 minutes per half to 20 minutes per half depending on the version being played and individual preference, this can lead to a lot of video editing, but it can also provide a rich source of ongoing content since videos can be reused in different content segments. Knowing how to crop a video in Premiere to maximize their impact without detracting from the content flow is a skill creators can’t afford to be without. The better a creator is at editing, the more content they can get out of each game.

The Best Creators Engage Their Viewers

Viewers want to see the game being played and providing video with voice-over tips and commentary works, but viewers also want engagement. Audiences want to know the content creator has them in mind, and the best creators are masters at creating this rapport. By alternating between the b-roll of their games and talking directly to the camera, creators keep their subscribers coming back for more.

The Best Creators Use Other Players to Get Attention

FIFA is an interactive game and there is an entire community of avid players around the world. Creators can get content from this community in several ways.


  1. Creators can use videos of head-to-head games with other players, drawing their competitor’s audience to their channel to see the game from a unique perspective.
  2. Creators can schedule and broadcast a live stream game with another creator. By using b-roll from their opponents’ games to garner interest and build hype leading up to the match, creators have access to an entirely new library of content they can use in future videos, in addition to the content that can be created from the recorded livestream.
  3. Creators may interview popular gamers who don’t have their own channels, revealing their approach, strategies, and tips and tricks to their audience. Not only is this a great way for new creators to build credibility, but it also provides audiences with a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of other gamers they may be interested in knowing more about.

The Best Creators Use EA Sports Content Directly

EA Sports, a label of Electronic Arts, is the owner and creator of FIFA. With new games released annually and upgrades expected with each new release, the best content creators stay engaged with the EA Sports website and borrow heavily from pre-release content. They can do this by screen recording directly from the site, or even becoming playtesters who help the company work out bugs and glitches before release. Some creators are even paid by EA Sports to do positive reviews, which is a great way to help hype up a new season release while also getting a jump on their friends in the game.

The Best Creators Know How to Be Themselves

One thing you’ll find among the best creators is that they each have their own spin on the game. How they play, how they speak, how they think; it’s all unique to them and that’s what makes following them so interesting. Sure, they are great at editing, and watching skilled players play the game is interesting, but what draws more people to the creators is their willingness to just be themselves. Whether it is enthusiasm and over-the-top energy, continual hype and jump-cuts, or simple, forthright instructions for newbies that are easy to follow and make the game more interesting, these creators know their niche and draw people by just being themselves.