Community Shield: ArsenalChelsea coaches preview:

Arsenal coach Wenger:

“We have to accept that every game is decided and judged as definite. But you know that in real life it is not like that. The tribunal is out there and will draw conclusions from Sunday.

“But no matter, positive or negative [result], we have to continue our way and focus on ourselves.

“It’s a game that is important but it is still preparation. We want to win it and overall it can just give us that little bit more confidence before we go into the season.

“You know, it will not be a friendly as it is like that and it is good like that.”

Chelsea coach Mourinho

‘It’s was not a friendly like against Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, or Arsenal against Wolfsburg. It’s more than that but less than a Premier League match. We lost against Red Bulls and we’re not happy, so it’s normal we always try to play for a result and the Community Shield has a motivation different from a friendly or summer tournament. It’s the start of competition.’

‘I just want my club to get the best possible results. Arsenal doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter the manager, I just want my club to get the best possible results, that’s the only thing that matters.

‘In football you can win or lose, or draw, and in this case you have to be ready for everything. I never made my victories over Arsenal an explosion of happiness or special pride. I do not make a drama if one day we lose.’

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