FIFA player

If you follow any major FIFA league, you may have found yourself wondering how the players can manage all that travelling, while still being at the top of their game. Arduous flights, lengthy road trips, and numerous hotel rooms are all a part of the world of the travelling soccer player. This article will show you some of the ways FIFA players might be handling this tricky lifestyle.

1. Packing Light

Depending on the size of their tour bus, players may have to pack a minimal amount of possessions to bring with them. Pro players in FIFA leagues most likely get ample space for their baggage, but for tournaments farther away, such as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there will be a limit to what can easily be brought along. The basics, like uniforms and backup cleats, are an obvious part of the checklist, but there are other considerations.

Players have to account for the parts of travelling games that are less predictable, such as needing usable currency and finding a gym to stay warmed up during travel. Lots of players will know great tips for keeping themselves safe from common scams on the road, such as looking for an ATM router when trying to make a withdrawal. These tips will make it easier for them to pack what they need, and leave other items for later, such as waiting until they get to their destination before heading to a drugstore for toiletries that would be inconvenient in the airport.

2. The Right Headspace

One of the biggest challenges of away games is that playing a tournament requires players to be in a certain headspace to succeed. This can be very difficult to achieve during travel, when you’re unable to access your normal comforts, and something as crucial as sleep can be hard to get. Players will all have their own way of combating this difficulty. Many have pre-game rituals that help them feel pumped up, such as listening to intense music, or even doing a round of boxing in the gym. Even wearing your lucky pair of socks can help “trick” your mind into feeling confident.

There are many other components to getting mentally prepared for a game, such as proper sleep and nutrition, that should not be neglected if at all possible. Players might pack their comfiest neck pillow, a good eye mask, or noise cancelling headphones for getting some shut-eye on the bus or airplane. They’ll also have to resist eating the junk food offered at airports and rest stops, since these carb-filled foods will make them feel sluggish and lethargic.

3. Report Reviews

As players settle into their hotels and their new routine at the game location, they’ll likely be given scouting reports on the opposing team. These reports will give players an insight into who they’re facing and what kind of strategies they might employ. Getting to know the opponent is a massive part of winning a World Cup, and will be a big part of the players’ routine leading up to the game.

After reading the reports, players will have an opportunity to practice whatever foot skills or strategies they’ll need to face their opponent. Depending on the size of the venue, they may have entire fields available to them, or they may even have to practice in their hotel rooms. Whatever the situation, professional footballers know how to roll with the punches and do what they need to achieve success. There are no excuses in the major leagues, so each player is responsible for showing up and doing their best, no matter the circumstances.

The world of professional sports is a tough one, requiring a lot of mental and physical stamina. FIFA players preparing for a World Cup will need to be the strongest of all, putting their game preparation above all other priorities in order to come out on top.