FA Cup Round 4

Manchester United came to Arsenal and conquered. That is the 8th straight victory for coach Solskjaer. The Norwegian is getting the best out of his players, day and night compared to the situation under Mourinho. 

Man United played the perfect game at Arsenal, winning 3-1 with strong counter-attacks that left coach Emery and its players unresponsive. Arsenal did manage to find a goal back buyt Martial silenced the crowd in the last quarter of the match to seal the victory. 

Manchester United have been the best team in Europe so far this year and will soon face another Europe great with Paris Saint-Germain, a Champions League must-watch. 

Coaches share opinions post-game

Man United coach, Solskjaer, comments on continuing the streak:

We had to defend properly which we did today and really had to dig in, we had a much better structure than we did against Tottenham. We defended resiliently and the attitude to run forward was fantastic.

we’d been working on things this week because we need to dig in and defend properly against good teams. This was a massive step forward for us as a team.

 Tonight we’ve beaten one of the favorites and if you want to win this tournament you need one or two proper performances and today was a fantastic one.

It would be nice to get a home draw in the next round now. The fans were fantastic and towards the end you could only hear them. Once again they can enjoy the trip back to Manchester!

Arsenal coach, Emery, on the loss:

“I’m happy because I think our work is good, but the result is bad. Today it’s the result and the injuries. They don’t help us to be in the match, maybe when the result’s 1-2. We needed to change different players to play at centre back. 

We deserved more but we played against Manchester United who are in their best moment of the season, and they have a lot of players to make the difference. Rashford and Martial came on as well.

They have very big players to do the transitions and they gave us problems with that. We worked well, the second goal was in the transition, but the first was [due to] our positioning. In the second half, we took some risks and that’s what we needed to do. They scored [a third]. We need to keep improving. I think the matches against West Ham United and Chelsea we played and worked well defensively.

Today was more difficult to stop their transition. We need to work on attacking [too] because we wanted to win. Our idea was to go in with a good balance. I think we have a good balance in a lot of moments but they have big players with big qualities who can make the difference.”