UEFA Nations League Season 1 – 2018/19 reaches peak intensity

We have played all but the last games in the first edition of the UEFA Nations League. Excitement and high level of competition were shown during the group stage that comes to an end with the groups final.

League A groups

Group 1

The World champions France gave up important three points in the Netherlands 2-0 and at the same relegate Germany to League 2. the Dutch team will advance to the Final Four with at least a draw in Germany. 

Group 2

Belgium and Switzerland will fight for first place in the group. The two teams will face each other for the group. Belgium need one point or better to advance.  

In group 3, Portugal validated first place and semifinal of the tournament with a draw in Italy. The Portuguese are the first nation to advance.

Group 4 is the group where all three teams can still win the group. The final England v. Croatia will determine either first place with a win from each side and at the same time the team that will be relegated. 

League B groups

In group 1, Ukraine already validated their promotion with three wins in four matches. 

Group 2

The last match Sweden v. Russia will determine the winner of the group. The Russians have a three-point lead over the Nordic and are in good position to join League A

Bosnia and Herzegovina concluded the group undefeated and won their ticket to the upper league. 

Group 4 saw its finale in a full Cardiff City stadium in Wales where Denmark got the best of Gareth Bale’s team 2-1. With the win the Danish confirmed they will play in League A next season.