Tottenham Hostspur 1-1 Chelsea

The Spurs are second in the league after draw.

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas

“I think the decisive moment in the end is Paulinho hitting the post just before half-time,” said Andre.

“If that had gone in it could have put us in a good position and we deserved that for the first half we played.

“The second half wasn’t really well played by both teams. I think Chelsea had the upper hand on the counter attack, looked strong and deserved to get the equaliser from the set-play.

“The result serves them better, for sure. It keeps us near the top, and that’s what we wanted. It’s not a bad result, just a pity our second half wasn’t as good as the first.

“It was a hard battle, both teams wanted to win and a fair result.”

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho

On the overall result
‘When you get a draw at the home of a title contender it’s never a bad result. When you get to the end of the season, March, April, May and June you will see if you get a lot of points at home and win some matches away, and don’t lose against your direct opponents for the title, we will be there.

‘I’m not saying we are going to win but we will be there. We won’t be like two seasons ago, 20 points behind, or like last season, 15 points behind, we will be there.

‘If you told me before the match I would get a point at Tottenham I would say not bad. If you said at half-time we would get a point I would say okay, but the way we played in the second half we should have won the game.’

On start to the season
We have to keep working, there are things we cannot change, some qualities of players you can’t change, you have to try to work and hide your weak points and bring up the situations where we are very good.

‘We have our problems and some of them are not easy to resolve but we’ve had a difficult start. We had to play at the home of two title contenders so it’s been a difficult start. Step by step we are getting there.’