League Cup semifinal leg 1

A true London derby between Tottenham and Chelsea saw the Spurs taking a 1-0 lead over Chelsea in the first leg of the League Cup semifinals. 

The lone goal was scored by Harry Kane on penalty after the VAR confirmed a non-offside call and a foul committed by Chelsea’s goalkeeper.

The return leg at Stamford Bridge will be every exciting. Indeed, both team have a chance to play for a title. The platform pa sportsbook provides the most updated odds to bet on the League Cup return leg and Premier League games.

Both coaches react following the first leg and discuss chances to reach the Final to win a title this season. 

Tottenham coach, Pochettino on the slight advantage going to Chelsea:

“Chelsea know how we play, we know how they play. It’s more about our performance and in 180 minutes we need to deserve to go through to the final.

We know that tactics are secondary. The most important thing is the way we approached the game. We were very competitive but we can do better, playing against a team like Chelsea is always difficult. They have an unbelievable squad, very good players, a lot of quality.

This was a very important result, not too much of an advantage. But it’s good to go to Stamford Bridge with this result. We need to be happy but it’s only half-time and now we need to play the second leg at Stamford Bridge and it will be very difficult.”

Chelsea coach, Sarri, on the match and return leg:

“We deserved more because in this match we played better than the opponents. We were in control of the match and defended well against a team dangerous in the offensive phase, so we deserved more.
About 70 balls in the opposition box against 11 balls of Tottenham in our box were played, 18 shots against seven I think. Five goal opportunities against two, so we deserve more. So I am really disappointed with the result but very happy with the performance. It was one of the most important of the season from my team.
Chelsea v Tottenham is a very difficult match and also for them, so it will not be easy to win at Stamford Bridge but after this performance, if we are able to play on the same level I think that we can do it.”