MLS week 2: New York City FC 2-2 Toronto FC

For the second consecutive game, New York City FC conceded a late goal to separate the points. However the spirit and the attitude showed by the team are pleasing coach Viera. His reactions to the tie:

“When we’re up 2-0 we weren’t looking for the tie. We were looking for the win. If we hadn’t made the error at [2-0] we would have walked away with the win. We would have liked it to end in a different way, but we’re not disappointed in how it ended.”

I think as a team we were better today than we were against Chicago and we will be even better against Orlando, because I’m really pleased with the commitment and the hard work of the players”

Michael Bradley (Toronto) reacts on the draw and the comeback performance:

“It wasn’t a perfect start. But the response was very good, the mentality was great and we’ll take that point and move on. Once we were able to tilt things in those ways, I thought we were able to make things a little bit harder and we were able to force them into some places that turned over in a good way for us.

There’s still a lot that needs to be worked on. But given everything, to start the year with two difficult games on the road like this and to come away with four points, I think every guy should feel good about what we’re doing – and realize there’s still a lot of room for improvement,”

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