While it may seem easy from the stands, soccer is a demanding sport that requires players to have a mix of stamina, strength, and speed to outmaneuver and outscored their opponents. To reach these goals, players must provide their bodies with the right nutrients each day. Choosing the right supplements, including everything from creatine to green powder superfoods, is essential to help reach these top levels of athletic performance. Learn more about the top supplements soccer players should add to their daily routine to achieve the desired results.


Pre-Workout Formulas

To push your limits and exceed your best, a pre-workout formula is recommended. You can find options that combine things like amino acids, creatine, and small amounts of caffeine for the best results. These specially formulated products are designed to help you take your workout to the next level, maximize strength and performance, reduce fatigue, and ensure superior levels of alertness throughout the workout.



To help energize your next training session, creatine is a great supplement to try. In fact, it’s one of the most popular supplements used by athletes in all sports. Studies have shown creatine can help maximize performance, especially when participating in a high-intensity exercise, such as soccer. It also plays a huge role in energy production in your body. If you want to boost your performance as a soccer player, adding creatine to your routine is highly recommended.



While you have likely heard this time and time again, it’s worth mentioning once more – protein is essential for all athletes, including soccer players. That’s because it is used to help improve muscle growth and overall muscle maintenance. Everyone needs protein. However, if you are trying to gain muscle mass, it’s essential that you are reaching your daily protein requirements. If you are having trouble eating enough protein-rich foods, then you can use protein powder, drinks, and snacks, which are a convenient and easy way to get more protein in your diet. Not only will these foods and drinks help to support muscle growth, but they also help you stay full longer, which ensures you don’t feel hungry while on the pitch.



Your body’s main source of energy is carbohydrates. It’s something you should remember when you are in a match or practice. During a break in the game, have a carb-rich snack to replenish your energy. One way to do this is by having an energy bar on hand. Eat it during a break in the game or practice. These combine slow and fast-release energy sources to ensure that your energy levels remain stable while playing. You can also find carb-rich drinks that will provide you with the same energizing effect.


Vitamin D

Commonly called the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is essential for your immune system’s normal and proper function. It also aids bone and muscle strength and development. It’s clear that this is one vitamin you can’t afford to ignore. In the winter, there isn’t as much sunlight, which means your body may not be able to produce the vitamin D needed. Because of this, supplements are a must. You can find vitamin D supplements made with D3, which is easy for the body to absorb. Even better, you need just one pill per day (in most cases).



While it may seem obvious, you can’t get out and play soccer if you are sick. When you train hard, you strain your body. Because of this, you need to replenish your essential vitamins and minerals stores. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a multivitamin.


Supplements for Soccer Players

As you can see from the information above, more than a few supplements are essential for soccer players. Keep the above information in mind to know what supplements you should add to your routine. This will help you stay healthy and ensure you can perform at top levels while on the pitch.