Just Imagine a team not just with  Messi but Maradona too.Wow would they work together?  Well  lets throw in Gabriel Batistuta to finish and Claudio Caniggia and  Angel Di Maria to terrorize on the wings.The Argentine dream surely.
But you say, they would be unbelievable, but how would they defend? Ok so lets add Javier Mascherano to do his holding role add in Daniel Passarella for defence and leadership.

Unbeatable but then you would want a hell of a manager to put this lot together so maybe Pep Guardiola would be your man.No he couldnt do it on his own so we will get Mourinho as well to add some spice.

Play station of the century but you are wrong.The team existed seventy years ago ok ok not with Messi,Maradona and the rest but many would argue with their equals AT LEAST.The management werent Pep and the special one but two characters who would make those two appear boring.

While most of Europe and Asia was engulfed in the second World war, in far flung Argentina they were enjoying what is still recognized as the golden era of “futbol”.The nations passion for the sport and tango was immense and vast crowds thronged the mostly new stadiums of the first division clubs.The exodus to Europe of the nations top stars wasnt a possibility and indeed the opposite was the case as many Spaniards escaped Francos dictatorship in Buenos Aires.

Argentinas professional league began in 1931.Football was hugely popular and played at a very high level as seen by results in the 1928 Olimpics and  1930 World cup.River Plate were one of the most popular clubs in the amateur era.They hadnt been the most successful club but its new President Antonio Liberti was determined to change that.Bernabe Ferreyra a Batistuta type centre forward and Carlos Peucelle a dashing right winger who could also play inside right were signed for one World record fee after the other.

The nickname “Los Millionarios” was born which to this day remains with River.Ironic, as with the building of the massive Estadio Monumental River would immediately devote their resources into developing arguably the most famous football school on the planet.Los Millionarios would duly win the league in 1932 with their expensive stars playing a key role.Ferreyra was the goal king but Peucelle the brain.

The following year however the Danubian school influence arrived to Argentina.Imre Hirschl played on a Ferencvaros tour of Argentina in the late twenties.The young Hungarian loved the country and vowed to return.Although he hadnt played for the great English coach Jimmy Hogans MTK Budapest but their bitter rivals “Fradi” like all those in Central Europe he had been enthralled by the great coaches concept of football.In Argentina he found the players with the technique to implement it.Now forever Emerico,Hirschl got the job in a lower end first division team Gimnasia La Plata whose team in 1933 revolutionized the league.In the early rounds Gimnasia crushed Boca 5-2 and champions River 2-1 adding bewildering speed to the technique of Argentine teams.Half way through the championship Hirschls team were clear leaders but in the second half of the season very strange refereeing decisions saw the “little teams” title hopes evaporate.

However Vespucci was impressed and signed Gimnasia defensive midfield star Jose Maria Minella footballing father of the likes of Rossi,Rattin,Redondo and Mascherano.The River president also appointed the Hungarian as tecnico,1934 and 35 would see an excellent Boca Juniors team dominate but in the former year three players would make their debut at River who would forever change the history of football.

Renato Cesarini is the name of Argentinas most famous football school now in the ownership of a certain Leonel Messi.In Italy every late goal is said to have taken place in the Zona Cesarini but outside of both countries little is remembered of a wonderful player and a genius of a manager.Born to a Circus family near Ancona Italy in 1906, “El Tano”s family emigrated to Argentina before he was a year old.The young Cesarini worked in the circus and played futbol in the barrios eventually being spotted by Chacarita Juniors.The young inside right was so good he played for Argentina just after his twentieth birthday  and scored in his second international against Paraguay.He left Chacarita and moved to Ferro but seemed to be going nowhere until Juventus signed him in 1929.Cesarini joined his great compatriot Raimundo Orsi star of Argentinas famous 1928 Olimpic side.

A year later Luis Monti captain of that side and star of Argentinas 1930 World cup team would also join La Vecchia Signora.Juventus dominated Serie A like no team before winning five scudettos on the trot with the three Argentines starring.Cesarini was a sensation in Turin an incredibly charismatic figure strutting around town with his pet  monkey on his shoulder.He like most “Porteños was a lover of nightlife and so infamous were his escapades that the most famous nightclub in Turin was called Cesarini Florida Dancing in his honour.

Vittorio Pozzo manager of the national team was under incredible pressure from Muzzolini to win the 1934 World cup.Amid much controversy he decided he needed to play the Juventus “oriundi”stars along with two more Argentines Guaita in Roma and Demaria in Inter who became key players in his team.”La Biblia De Futbol”as he would be later known saved his managers neck on more than one occasion with late winners but his ever more notorious off the field activities annoyed the disciplinarian Pozzo.So much so that at last minute he was left out of Azzurri sqaud for 1934.Cesarini however was unbeatable with Juve five seasons five titles but in 1935 at the age of twenty nine he acceped an offer from Vespucci to return to River.

At River he would find two incredible teenagers one a mere seventeen intelligent with wonderful ability called Adolfo Pedernera and the other an incredible athlete magical with both feet and an extraordinary header of the ball named Jose Manuel Moreno.Rivers team was already very good but unable to match Boca but with arrival of these three incredible characters the greatest decade in Argentinas football history would begin.



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