The relation between football and bets is no secret, actually, it is very easy to think on any sport and immediately relate it to the bookies, what would be of the NFL, the ATP world tour and the Champions League without the intensity of bets, maybe this sounds a little bit strange for some sport fans, however, a big part of the most passionate and committed fanatics, can’t imagine their game days without adding a bit of money to the equation, just to feel a bigger thrill, some bettors don’t even get into bets of more than a couple dollars, because, at the end of the day, the possibility of losing or wining money just gives a different kind of enthusiasm and fun to the games, but it is not about the money, it’s always about the games, and there lies the big difference between responsible and risky players, as the first usually wont exchange its comforts and responsibilities to make a high bet as he is not betting out of greed. The second one, bets for the money and the sport becomes just a “side dish” to the money thrill, it is truth there are players that have managed to make a living out of bets, however, to get to this point, it implies a lot of risk and a long way of learning process, which is why, if you decide to bet just because of the money, we strongly recommend you to take it easy and without compromising live quality.

Now, if you are already all into bets for sports or whiling to start getting involved with one of the more vibrant worlds among money games, let us give you one or two advices to achieve better results and make the best out of your investments when betting into football.

To start, it is important to have knowledge about all the kinds of bets that exists around football and not to stick with the win/lose/draw traditional options, we are not telling you to discard them as these can also be good picks, we are just telling you that, if you can get your hands in more options you have more chances to adapt to the different circumstances and make a win out of any situation. For example, sometimes we can get a little bit obstinate about betting on our favorite teams regardless of how low the odds are, for this scenarios, the best option is to bet by handicap, which is a bet designed for the underdog, who has some points of advantage and can win a bet even if the team loses the game.

Other traditional method is over and under, this is a bet where the casinos set an imaginary total of goals scored by the 2 teams in a match, then all we have to do is to pick if the final outcome will be over or under the previously set number, this is a very popular kind of bet, since the bet is not linked to the winner of a game, only to the total number of goals at the end, however it is not all so simple, the mats behind that number are processed by professionals hired by the casinos, who usually make things very difficult for bettors.

As you can notice, the traditional methods can be a bit difficult or tricky, which is why live bets are gaining a lot of preference among football fans, mainly because this kinds of bets allow the gamblers to have a better perspective and approach toward the games, there is nothing as watching a few minutes of a match, and then, make a bet after analyzing the situation very carefully.

The players that decide to bet on live methods have access to more flexible bets, from picking the next team that will score a goal, to the player that will commit the next foul and the team that will get the next corner or goal kick, almost every small event of a game can became a possibility for us to earn money, it’s all about watching the games and making smart choices, choices that need to be companied by a lot of information and statistics about the game, so take a look at specialized websites that may help you reach better results while doing a live bet on football.

Finally, we would like to remind you that you always need to have awareness about the legal issues regarding betting activities in your country, in order to avoid any unpleasant complication.

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