When it comes to sports betting, soccer remains to be the most wagered on by regular punters and sports fans. Fans would wait for their favorite leagues each year to be able to place their bets and enjoy the rapid action of each game.

This year has been quite a struggle for the sports and betting industry because, in March, the pandemic forced many football leagues to either postpone or cancel their scheduled matches. However, since June, sports are finally getting back on track, especially football leagues like the EPL and the Champions League.

Now that football is back, fans are preparing to place their bets on their favorite clubs once again. Part of ensuring that you get to place the best bets on your favorite leagues is looking for the best online bookie. You can easily check review sites like acebettingsites.co.uk. However, aside from that, you should also decide on the type of bets that you will place. Unsure what those are? We’ve got that covered.

Game Winner

When it comes to betting, you can easily place a bet on the team who will win the match but there are different ways to do this. It’s not just about who will win but also how the winners will bring home the bacon. Here are the different types of winning bets that you can place.

  • Straight Up Winner

This is the most common type of winning bet. All you need to do is to place a bet on the team that you think you’ll win. You don’t need to consider how they will win or how many goals they will score. As long as your team wins, your bet also wins.

The amount of the payouts you’d get will also depend on the odds that you’ve wagered on. Know that betting on the underdogs and winning would always give you a better payout than a winning bet on the favorites.

  • Double Chance

A match will always have three possible outcomes. The first one is that team one wins, the second is that team 2 wins, and of course, the third is that the match will end up with a draw. A double chance bet means that you get to place a bet on two outcomes. If any of the two outcomes of your choice happens, then you win the bet. However, expect that payouts with this type of bet won’t be as great as betting on just one outcome.

  • Spread Bet

This is betting on the winning team but it doesn’t just take your team to win for you to also win on your bet. On a spread bet, you will have to bet on the number of goals that the winning team will score. Your favored team should be able to score more than the outlined number of goals set by the bookie.

Half-Time Betting

Half-time wagers sound exactly like it is. The bets you’ll place are basically only for the first half of the game. This is pretty similar to the winning bets we have told you about earlier. However, you’ll only be betting on the half-time results.

With that, you can also place different types of half-time bets similar to the winning bets. Know that a half-time bet won’t necessarily mean that the same results will apply until the end of the game. There are odds on how many goals a team would score or which team will be on the lead before half-time kicks in.

Totals Betting

This can be assumed as betting on the total score of the game, but there are actually other forms or types of betting on the totals in the game. Some bookies have odds on the total number of scores, the total number of yellow cards raised during a game or which team will have the most yellow cards, and even the total of corner kicks that will take place during the game.

Prop Bets

Prob bets are becoming more popular when it comes to football these days. This is because it’s simple and easy. Even beginners could easily understand what prop bets are. You only have to place a bet on whether an event will happen or not. For example, will Manchester United get the first goal of the game or not.

Aside from the first goal, prop bets can also be about the last team to score, whether there will be a red card presented, or which team will get the first yellow card. Some prop bets are more specific or about the players of a team.


The bets that you can place will depend on the available odds that your choice of bookie is offering. It takes time to master each type of bet and this is why it’s important that you also consider this before placing any bet.