Getting regular good sleep is a must when it comes to keeping your body, mind, and emotions healthy and balanced. While there are many adjustments you can make to your sleeping environment and bedtime routine before you resort to taking medication or a natural supplement to help induce sleep, when those things are not enough, it can be helpful to take medication or supplements for a temporary period. When causes of your sleeplessness are sufficiently reduced, you can cut the supplements out and hopefully achieve healthy sleep without them.

Natural sleep supplements are preferable to medication for some people for a variety of reasons. This article will discuss some excellent supplements you might want to consider to help you achieve healthier sleep. As with any health issue, and lack of sufficient sleep definitely affects health; therefore, always consult with your healthcare professional before taking anything. Even natural supplements can have negative interactions with other medications you may be taking, or they could simply may not be compatible with a condition that you have, so be sure to check with your doctor.


Magnesium can help you to feel less stress and anxiety. It has a calming effect on the body and helps to regulate nervous system function. When it comes to natural sleep supplements, magnesium should probably be at the top of everyone’s list. Make sure you’re getting enough of it and drinking plenty of water along with it.


Chamomile is a very calming herb. Consider using an essential oil spray for your bed and pillow with roman chamomile oil. Drinking chamomile tea can be a very relaxing way to wind down in the evening and may also promote better sleep.


If hops makes you think of beer, alcohol before bed is actually not helpful for good sleep. Even though many people have wound down with a nightcap, alcohol can stress the body and often contains sugars that sour the digestive tract and lead to less than healthy sleep. Instead, when it comes to using hops at bedtime, you will want to purchase whole dry hops flowers and make a strong tea from these or find a good tincture of hops.

Tart Cherry

Tart cherries naturally contain sleep-promoting factors. Try a handful of fresh, frozen, or dry tart cherries before bed. You can also drink a little tart cherry juice or take tablets containing concentrated tart cherries.


As with chamomile, try using a little lavender essential oil in the bedroom, or use an eye pillow or sachet tucked into your bed pillow that contains fragrant lavender flowers. Lavender has long been used in many cultures to relax the body and help people to sleep. Lavender can also be enjoyed as a sleep-promoting tea but usually is mixed with other herbs like hops, chamomile, and valerian to improve flavor and effectiveness. Honey also takes some of the edge off the strong flavor of lavender tea.

While there are many wonderful supplements and herbs that can be taken to promote healthier sleep, there are also many things that are best not to put in your body before bed. Avoid heavy meals in the evening that keep your digestive tract up and active and night. Switch out processed foods and sugars for simpler whole foods and sweeteners like honey or pure maple syrup. Alcohol also makes the list of things not to indulge in too close to bedtime. While it may temporarily relax the body and mind, alcohol steals deep sleep. Caffeine, of course, can be another robber of healthful sleep. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Cut off caffeine intake in the afternoon or early evening, depending on your sensitivity level to it.

A good night of sleep is something that every person should be able to achieve naturally. Work with a good doctor, and maybe a counselor or coach as well, to address the issues that are keeping you up at night.