Many people are discovering how beneficial it is to enjoy time outdoors. When you add in some physical activity, it can be even better for you. Here are ten great ways to stay fit while enjoying time outdoors. 

Take a Walk

Sometimes it really is this simple. Slip on your athletic shoes and hit the road or trails. Bringing along a furry companion can make it more interesting, and give you plenty of reasons to stop and check out the scenery as you go along. 

Play a Game of Catch

A good old-fashioned game of catch is hard to beat for a simple outdoor workout. Bring out the gloves and a wooden baseball bat and you can easily turn it into a friendly backyard ball game. 

Play Disc Golf

If you enjoy tossing a frisbee around, take some time to hone your technique and then head out to a local disc golf course. There you can challenge your stamina and disc tossing skills. There are courses available throughout the country, so you are sure to find one nearby. If not, consider buying a backyard set and meeting friends at the park for your own version. 

Grow Some Vegetables

In addition to being a great way to grow some of your own food, gardening can also be a good workout. The trick is to use manual tools to cultivate soil, plant veggies, and harvest any fruits of your labor. Add tending a compost pile and you will be breaking a sweat in no time.

Take a Hike

A growing number of people are discovering the joys — and physical demands — of hiking. One of the biggest treats about hiking is that it can accommodate a wide range of physical abilities. That means that you won’t outgrow the sport as you get stronger. Instead, you’ll just be able to tackle tougher trails. Plus, you get to spend time in nature, which is good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Try Snowshoeing

Do you live somewhere with lots of snowy weather? Don’t despair; snowshoeing is an excellent outdoor activity that can be enjoyed when the ground is covered in white. It is an excellent low-impact workout, so it’s easy on the joints. Plus, it can be enjoyed if you want to be alone with your thoughts but it also works as a social group activity. 

Stand Up and Paddle

Work your core and develop better balance with stand up paddle boarding. It’s a good idea to start off in calm water where you won’t have to fight waves or strong currents. Over time, you might decide to try your SUP in open water to challenge yourself more. 

Climb Some Rocks

Rock climbing is a really demanding pastime; it can also be too much for someone with a fear of heights. That’s where its lower-to-the-ground cousin bouldering comes in. The sport truly is climbing a bunch of rocks. They might be natural formations or, in some places, purposefully designed for climbers. Either way, you’ll use muscles you may not even be aware of yet. Be sure to use appropriate crash pads when bouldering because, unlike most climbing styles, you are not supported with ropes. 

Slip Into a Kayak

Kayaking is an incredibly versatile water sport. Kayaks are designed for whitewater, fishing or flat water like lakes and ponds, so be sure to choose a boat that is designed for the type of adventure you want, or you could end up in the water instead of your boat. 

Practice Goat Yoga

Seriously, it’s a thing! Goat yoga emerged several years ago as a way to combine yoga, nature, and the petting zoo experience. Friendly goats travel between the mats as you move through your poses. It’s up to you to decide if you want to stop and pet them, but be warned ù goats can be persistent when they want something.


Whether you want to challenge yourself with rock climbing, enjoy a laid-back game of ball or find your zen with some baby goats, there are plenty of awesome activities that can help you stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors.