Endurance, stamina, strength and agility are all key elements in our game and to achieve these, we need to be in peak physical condition. A rigid training regime and balanced diet are the most effective ways of getting there. The training regime builds our muscles and allows us to run further for longer, while a full, nutritious diet fuels and repairs our bodies so we can keep improving. However, an increasing number of soccer players are now turning to supplementation in order to fill the holes in their nutrition which their diet is not reaching alone.

Which supplements should soccer plays take?

A popular supplement is whey protein, usually ingested in the form of a shake, and is designed to ensure soccer plays are reaching the higher-than-average level of protein their muscles need in order to repair after a heavy training session or match. Although ideally you should be getting your protein from lean meats, fish, eggs and cheese, protein powder isn’t the worse supplement for you in terms of your health. It’s also more convenient after a training session that carrying around a Tupperware box of steak.

On the other hand, vitamin supplements can be harmful and instead of boosting your immune system, taking too many can cause you serious health problems. A prime example of this is vitamin C, which is taken in order to keep your immune system strong. It’s been found to have numerous health benefits, especially for athletes, as it allows their body to repair quickly and prevents you from getting sick. However, exceeding the recommended dose regularly can result in painful kidney stones due to the excess vitamins being excreted, which will keep you sidelined for days, if not weeks. The best way of getting vitamin C is through citrus fruits and some vegetables, like peppers.

Other vitamins, such as B12 and A, can also be gained in the adequate doses by simply eating a balanced diet filled with oily fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

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