Liverpool 5-1 Norwich

Suarez was the artist of the game with scoring the first 4 goals.

Manager Rogers reacts:

The headlines are simple – that was just sheer brilliance. It was a joy for me to watch the team tonight, tactically we were very good.

“It was a remarkable individual performance. I always like to talk about the team but you’ve got to hold Luis up tonight as one of the best strikers in the world. It was an incredible performance.

“If you put him out on the pitch, you know you’re going to get determination and the will and the desire to succeed, which is important, but the quality of his finishing is just at a really high level – and none more so than tonight.

“The repertoire he showed was incredible really. I felt for the Norwich defenders, because if you come up against someone like that who is a top, world-class payer, it’s very difficult to contain him.

“I think if you look at Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – those two have been out on their own for a few years. But Luis is still only 26 and I really think he’s going to make improvements to his game over the coming years.

“We do a lot of work and we talk about the improvements in his game and how he can improve.”

Rodgers believes Suarez is thriving at Anfield due to the strong bond he has forged with the Liverpool supporters and the fact that the team are set up to allow the Uruguayan to flourish.

“You look at Suarez and the goals that he scores, and the assist that he made tonight, it’s a pleasure,” said the boss. “He’s probably the happiest he’s been here.

“I look at him every day in training; he wants to train and everyone knows he flies all around the world. I think this club suits him perfectly and I still think his best years are going to be here.

“The profile of the club and the connection with the supporters, Anfield here itself – you can see it’s a hand-in-glove fit for him. And the type of football we’re trying to play and produce allows him to operate in those spaces that we create by moving the ball about.

“But you’ve still got to be there to finish it off and that must have been a joy for people to watch.”