West Bromwich 2-3 Manchester City

Coach Pellegrini reacts:

I think that we played really well in the first half when we scored two goals and we had three or four more clear chances,” said Pellegrini. “In the second half we controlled the game, we were 3-0 up, and maybe all of us including me were thinking about the match on Saturday.

We could have scored a lot more goals but we continued playing the same way in the second half and it was a pity in the last five minutes we relaxed before the match finished.”

“I said before the match that I was sure if we continued playing the same way we have been, away as well as at home, then we must win,” the boss explained.

“I know we have dropped points away, but I watched all the matches and we deserve more luck. But if we continue to play in the same way then I hope we can add more points when playing away.

“I don’t think the game was as close as the scoreline. We tried to score more goals but we have to play in less than 72 hours so it is important to think about the next game.”


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