MLS: Seattle Sounders 3-1 Kansas City SC

The Sounders can’t stop winning and set a new MLS record with eight straight wins. From the bottom half to the top of the Western Conference, this has been incredible and will be hard to match.

The Sounders are now fifth in the MLS standings and can look ahead to continue this amazing run.

Sounders Coach Schmetzer on the accomplishment:

“It takes an entire group to make this accomplishment. They need to enjoy this moment because it’s pretty special. In a league filled with parity, this is a pretty big accomplishment. It’s going to get harder and harder and harder as more teams come into the league to do this.

But its always nice to be in the history books. I think we can extend it a bit more and make it harder for others to catch up to us. You make your own luck. Yes, we were unlucky at the beginning of the year, I’m not going to deny that. When you put pressure on opponents, good things happen.”