MLS 2019 Opening Weekend

Welcome FC Cincinnati to the MLS and best of luck! In their first ever game the latest addition to the expansion of league suffered a large defeat by one of the favorites to win it all 4-1. 

But the visitors were the first ones to strike and had the lead in the first 15 minutes. A memorable goal for FC Cincinnati history from Bertone – see below:

The Sounders are a veteran team and found their way back quickly into the game in rout of FC Cincinnati. 

USMNT international, Morris, added a brace and shared his emotions post-game returning from a long injury:

“It was a similar emotion to [my first MLS goal], a little bit different in the sense that obviously last year was so long and I was still playing my rookie year, but similar in the sense of the lead-up to it, and it felt great.”

Coach Schmetzer added:

“The one thing that I was most pleased about is, in his own words, he wanted to be goal-dangerous. Playing out on the wing, it’s not new to him, because in 2016 we had him out there on the left, but he said to you guys, he wanted to be goal-dangerous and he was tonight. So, I think that is what I’m going to latch onto, using his own words as guidance for him to finish the year on a high note as well.

He’s a tough kid and he persevered through some tough times. ACL injuries, nowadays, they’re not the death sentence they might have been in my day. Guys come back, the surgeries are good, the work they do after surgery is way better than in our day.