Premier League matchday 29

Liverpool left the League’s first place to Man City after the draw in the derby at Everton. In a long season, the Reds have not been able to score for the second straight away game [0-0 at Man United].

Because of the draw the Reds drop both the lead and points to Man City. City have 71 points, one more than Liverpool with 9 more games to be played. This tight title race has all the bookmakers excited and Betfred sign up promo code can get you rich plenty of cash before the season concludes.

Man City and Liverpool have been leading the League all season long. The title race will likely go down to the last match and we can expect lots of drama. Same applies to the fourth place where Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are embarked. 

Liverpool FC coach, Klopp, comments on the disappointing result in the derby:

“We get a point; if somebody should have won the game, I think it was only one team. We had the chances. In a wild game we had chances, big chances and didn’t use them. It’s a point, let’s carry on.

We have to play a lot of games. The only way you can win something is on one hand to stay calm but lively, critical but very confident. And believe in your chance. And I believe 100 per cent in our chance.

Game by game by game my feeling gets better about the boys because they look really ready for it. We didn’t score, that happens. That can happen. It was a difficult game – the opponent, and the weather circumstances didn’t help for a good football game in general. It was just a fight and we were ready for that fight. Now we have a point more than before, all good.

We know that we are good but, unfortunately, a lot of other teams in the league are really good as well. We just have to keep going, that’s what we will do. I’ve felt worse after a draw actually, because I’ve learned to respect results.

If we would have scored one of these big ones – Fabinho, Mo twice, Joel, Virg, Sadio – then I feel completely different. But it’s still OK, let’s just carry on.”

Race is on

Next Saturday Man City will look forward to putting more pressure on Liverpool when they host Watford. Liverpool will play on Sunday against Burnley and could be down 4 points by then… 


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