During the last month or so, I had the opportunity to sit or stand just about on the sideline of a handful of Major League Soccer matches. It was fun, even though the quality might not have been what I wished for everyday.

But it is spring season and it’s better than nothing, which is what I have once MLS left town for the spring. If you live in a city that has professional soccer…go see it!

I know we’re in a bit of a recession, so partner up with some buddies at work or teammates from your pub team. Get out there and buy some tickets and get out to games and sit in the sun or rain and have fun and talk soccer and rag on the other team and enjoy the game…live!

I see the stadiums being built around the United States and it is an incredible thing. It wasn’t that long ago that your best bet to watch professional soccer in the United States was to venture indoors. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. You can travel from one coast to another and hit beautiful state-of-the-art stadiums along the way.

If you live in Portland…get tickets now and support your club as they go into MLS. If you live in Seattle, well, you already have a ticket! How about leaving some for the rest of us?

When in MLS would you have thought that would ever be the case? Toronto sells out despite the fact that the product on the field could use some improvement (understatement of the year!). How can you not own season seats if you live in Utah? Great stadium and great weather and MLS Champs!

Put it on your credit card!

In LA, you folks have two choices…Galaxy on a Saturday night or Chivas USA on Sunday afternoon. Get them both! Why sit around the house and clean or hang out with your wife…get out of there and into these great stadiums to watch some soccer.

Even the Red Bulls have a place to call home now…finally! Will they still suck even in their new digs? Sell the place out and scream at them at the top of your lungs if they still do suck so that they either get better or bring in players who can play.

Whatever your plight may be…do what you can to get some tickets and go see soccer live. Call the ticket office, they may not want to hear this…but I can almost guarantee that they will be willing to work with you a bit on price if you come in with a good offer.

Me and my work mates…all 15 of us…all season long…to watch the Red Bulls. Yes, we are crazy and we do have money, but not much…so work with us. How about a two year deal?

Let’s all get outside with our friends…make new friends…go alone and talk up your seatmates…but get out there and watch the game in person so you can see all the movement off the ball, smell the grass and tell the players what you really think.

-Mark Vincent Lincir

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