When England faces the United States this summer in the World Cup, do you think Coach Bob will have Jonathan Bornstein man-mark Wayne Rooney???

Sadly, the answer is probably yes!

Rooney is unstoppable and does have a chance to catch Cristiano’s tally of 42…Rooney currently has 30 in all competitions. That’s a lot of goals for most people in their entire careers…let alone a season!

Rooney and Man Utd rolled past AC Milan at Old Trafford 4-0 yesterday without much effort and made AC Milan look downright bad.

In other CL action…Real Madrid flamed out to Lyon and must be scratching their heads at what keeps going wrong.

Reports are saying that Landon Donovan is headed back to the Los Angeles Galaxy after this weekend’s game against Birmingham… I personally think there is going to be some last minute negotiating that will keep Landon at Everton a while longer…stay tuned.

If he does go back to the Galaxy, it will have to be termed the worst decision in American soccer history…well, besides the U.S. hiring Steve Sampson as their National Team coach.

–Mark Vincent Lincir

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