MLS: Seattle Sounders 1-1 LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy clinched playoffs spot with the point while Seattle is 3 points clear off San Jose and Portland. FC Dallas, New York Red Bulls and DC united also clinched playoffs spot with their respective win of the weekend.. the playoffs battle continues!

LA Galxy forward Robbie Keane reacts on 2 points lost feelink like a loss:

Concentration. Concentration. Not letting players go. It is no one’s fault. We take it as a team. I keep saying it. I keep saying it every week. It doesn’t matter if it is individual mistakes. We all take it on the chin because we are a team. So, we all messed up tonight because we didn’t finish the game. It is good if you learn the lesson. It is important that we rectify these last minute mistakes and try to avoid giving corners up during the last minute of the game.

“Don’t give the corner away. These are the little things we have to be clever about. Manage the game. We have to manage the game well. Don’t give a team that is good at set pieces and a couple of players that can get the ball in, with good technique and put a great ball in. So we have to be a little bit clever in terms of that moving forward.”

“Although that we clinched a playoff spot this is a perfect chance for me to watch film and clean that up before playoffs because we have to be better at set pieces. The game was over, it was past 90 minutes. Although we tied, it felt like a loss.”

Seattle Sounders coach – Sigi Schmid:

“Obviously I thought our second half was much better than our first. Even the first half – even though it wasn’t reflective in the shot total – I thought we were getting forward and into the box, and some balls were just beyond some people or hit too hard at times. Obviously we made a mistake – we gave up a goal on a mistake, and they punished us for that mistake. In the second half, I thought the team played very well. That’s what we have to build upon – what was there in the second half. I thought we controlled the game in the second half; we dominated, we got ourselves forward, we got the outside backs forward. We got an equalizer late, but we were right around the goal.”

“Today, yeah, we gathered a point back, but we wanted three because we’re at home. I think we deserved three based upon the overall game, but especially by the way we performed in the second half. It seemed like the way things went for us early in the season is that we would either win or lose, and now we are starting to tie some games. If we would have gotten some ties when we were in that bad stretch, we would have more points right now and be in better shape. The main thing is that I was very pleased with the way we played in the second half and we’ve got to make sure we carry that forward.”