Liga BBVA: Atletico de Madrid 1-1 Real Madrid

Coach Real – Benitez speaks after the match:

We have taken one point and dropped two. We dominated the first half and did what we had to do, but after the break they put pressure on and played with added intensity. We had chances on the counterattack that we did not put away and we lacked precision”.

“We have to give Atlético the praise they deserve, they pressured and looked to attack. We have dropped two points due to the way the game went. We had the lead and we committed two errors, the penalty and the goal. Just looking at the last 15 minutes, you would admit that Atlético had the momentum, but if you consider the whole game you see that we had control for large periods”.

Good first half
In the first half the team played for the win. They put pressure on in the second half. We needed to get the second goal from one of the chances we had. We had more control in the first half. In the second half, they added a lot of intensity to their game.

It is important for us to win every game, and not look at what the other opponents are doing. We have to hope that there will be no problems with the national squads and think about the next game.

“He did well, but I substituted him because we needed to freshen things up on the wing. With Bale’s speed we were able to play between different areas of the pitch and with Cristiano up forward we kept up our attacks. We balanced the team and maintained our attacking punch”.

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