Atletico Madrid 0-0 Barcelona

Barcelona Tata Martino reacts:

“It’s a good point if we keep in mind that we played away to a team that have not conceded any points at home up until today”. “We wanted to win the match but we can’t be reproached for getting this result. It’s not a bad thing to close out the first half of the season with 50 points.”

“I have the feeling that tonight’s match will make us stronger.”

On Messi, Martino said, “the other day he played 30 minutes and this Saturday, 45. We wanted him to play less but Iniesta’s injury changed our plans. Atlético Madrid’s defensive set-up is hard to break, even for him.”

“In footballing terms we improved over time. In terms of points, I want to be champions in the summer, not in the winter, but reaching this point in the season with 50 points is good.”

Atletico Diego Simone reacts

“The two teams looked to their characteristics to enhance their virtues and try to cancel out the opponent. It was a tough game, it was a game between two teams going first and both have 50 points in the first half of the league. It was a very competitive match and the draw was a result of the work, stress and commitment for the group. There were few chances for both side although we had the most dangerous one in the first part. It was a nice meeting because the two teams were strong,”

“I saw on the field two competitive teams, which canceled out each other’s strength. The game went well, we always want to win but we are at the top of the table so it’s ok, 50 points are a lot but they have been earned . They have worked for them, have run and have done everything they had to be here. We have to congratulate the players and now it rest because Tuesday is another important game in the Copa del Rey match,”.

“Defensively we work a lot but without the effort of the forward it is impossible for everything to work. The players are very committed to our vision and want to do something really nice. Today it worked well, we got a good result and we keep in a special place and 50 points are a lot,”

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