MLS 2019 Regular Season

The LAFC snapped New England Revolution’s 11 eleven undefeated streak and won another away game 2-0. The best team in the MLS was very effective and left almost no chances to coach Bruce Arena’s men.

The Revs coach comments on the loss:

“The better team won the game. No question about that. I think for us to have a chance to get a result in this game, we had to do better with some of the potential goal scoring opportunities we created, and we just wasted a number of opportunities tonight. Had a breakaway, had a couple of runs at goal where we had a man advantage and didn’t make the right play.

So, that was our theme in the attacking part of the field. I think in the middle third of the field, they dominated the game. We needed to win more second balls, win a few more tackles, and then the end of the game, you know, I hate using all my substitutions too early. And typically, that’s why you see, you hold out until the last five or 10 minutes, but we gambled a little bit and then Toni [Antonio Delamea] had to come out. So, the end of the game was difficult for us.

And certainly, [Carlos] Vela’s goal-scoring streak ended, but he’s to blame for that tonight. He had a bunch of chances to get some goals at the end. But overall, I think it’s a good experience for us. It — what’s the right word for it? — it supporters some of the things we talk to our team about all the time. They see this a little bit, so to get better and compete with a team like this, we’ve got to be a little bit better in some of the things we do on the field. We’ll learn from that and hopefully grow as a team.”

LAFC extend lead to 14 points over second-place Sounders and Earthquakes. They are set to have home field for the playoffs and will be the heavy favorites to win the title this year. 

Coach Bradley comments on the tough away win:

“Look, this is an away game in a tough place to play. You all know how I feel about that field, okay? You know, it’s not made for our football, plain and simple. So, the number of times where the ball gets stuck, there’s collisions.

The one play where Carlos [Vela] was dribbling in the box and then literally, the ball, the rubber, everything sprang. So, to come here and still have a good mentality, because we tell the team that, look, there’s going to be moments where the ball is going to be bouncing around, try to play on the ground when we can, try to play our football, and if something gets a little bit away, you’ve got to have the mentality to just keep going. So, I thought that was really good.”