When you hear the words “working out,” the first thing that more than likely comes to mind is going to a gym. The truth is, there are many other ways to work out other than going to a gym. Think about when you were a kid. You more than likely were constantly moving while playing and didn’t think once about it being exercise. Whether it was playing on a playground, running around at the park, or playing sports, you were staying active and, in reality, working out. Working out does not have to be intense running or weightlifting. There are many activities that you do every day that can benefit your health. There are also many recreational sports such as golf, baseball, softball and tennis that can give you exercise and have fun at the same time while doing it.

Join a League

One great way to work out but also have fun socializing is to join a recreational sports league. These leagues range from baseball to sand volleyball to ultimate frisbee. You’ll burn calories and have fun doing it. For a baseball or softball league, just bring your baseball bat and glove. For other leagues, you may not need to bring any equipment at all.


Golf is a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. The average golf course is roughly 4 miles long, and the great thing about golf is you can walk any course. You can enjoy a sport that you like and achieve exercise at the same time. Signing up for a local recreational baseball or softball league is another way to stay active. Simple movements such as swinging a baseball bat or softball bat can keep you active, all while having fun with friends and family.


Tennis is another great sport for exercise. Tennis requires constant movement that can give you a great cardio workout. Volleyball is another great sport that keeps you active. You are constantly moving during the entire match, and it also has a variety of physical movements like jumping, squatting and diving.


If you are not the sport kind of person that is perfectly fine, there are many other ways to work out that do not require playing a sport. Do you like to dance? Sign up for a dance class that you have always wanted to try. There are so many different styles of dancing that can improve your cardio and increase your heart rate.


Are you more of the adventurous and outdoors type of person? Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise while you do it. Research different state parks around you and see if there are any nature trails. Most parks will have a variety of trails ranging from novice to advanced hikers. Do you love water? If you said yes, then there are many ways to enjoy the water and work out at the same time. Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. If you’re not into paddleboarding, then you can always go kayaking or canoeing. The constant paddling used in kayaking and canoeing strengthens your upper body muscles and improves your cardio.


Bowling is an excellent way to spend a date night with your partner or just with friends. Bowling not only keeps you active by moving it also strengthens your upper body muscles. You may not realize the benefits of bowling can include weight loss, muscle toning and improved social life leading to increased happiness and decreased depression.

To get moving, simply round up a few friends to make a team for any league sport. If you are in a relationship, instead of you and your partner spending the night sitting on the couch catching up on your favorite TV show, plan a more active date night. There are many ways to work out recreationally. There are so many options to choose from that you’re sure to find one you love.