Copa Del Rey Final 2014 – Valencia

Real Madrid 2-1 FC Barcelona

“We deserved it. We won through hard work and we had opportunities to put the match to bed in the second half”

“I didn’t have a score to settle. I’m happy to have won this competition. We deserved it because we had a good run and today was very difficult because we were playing against a very strong team. We won through hard work and we had chances to put the match to bed in the second half”.
real-madrid3Madrid coach Ancelotti:

“I’m just happy for both the players and the fans. I’m happy to have been here and experienced this spectacle. Now it is time to celebrate with the fans. Tonight was great because of the atmosphere. The fans helped us a lot. It was a spectacle on and off the pitch”.

“It is certainly the most important goal of Bale’s career. It came at a decisive point of the match. Everyone played very well because they did so as a team. To beat Barcelona you have to play like that, compact and as a team”. “Isco is really on form and he adds to our ability to control the game and have possession. We tried to control the game and we have a lot of quality in that regard”.

e have started well and now we’re going to fight for the other titles. In Italy it is not such an important competition as in England and Spain. Playing in the final with a Clásico is very significant and we are in the fight to win every competition”.

Barcelona coach Martino

“We must continue forward and keep on fighting for the league” and added that “it’s a very difficult blow because of our expectations. We wanted to win. What I’m taking away from this match is the team’s intention.”

“I am deeply saddened by the defeat and I feel bad for the fans who came to support the team. Barça have a lot of positive things to accomplish.”

“We have to derive strength where there is none. We have the obligation to continue fighting until the final moment “Barça have a way of playing that is hard to modify. There are no long balls for a pure number nine, we’re a team that passes the ball, elaborates plays and when we aren’t precise in finding space the game becomes uncomfortable for us. When we don’t score first things get complicated.”

“We played up until the 93rd minute to win. The first goal hurt us, as it forces you to play from behind. There are moments when you work very hard but you don’t get the results.”

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