Spanish Liga: Granada FC 0-3 FC Barcelona, 

FC Barcelona had to ewin to not be dependant on Real Madrid’s result to be crowned for the second consecutive times and the 6th Liga title in the last 8 years! Luis Suarez made sure of it scoring a hat-trick and putting his total to 40 goals scored this season, the best in Spain.

Coach Luis Enrique reacts and a well-deserved title:

“It was a deserved title which shows that the team knows how to bounce back from a bad spell. The hard work of the team throughout the season must be praised. I’d like to thank our fans for the fact that the average attendance at Camp Nou has increased which has helped us to become champions.

La Liga is glorious. It is the competition of stability, the one we are able to win year after year. It is a title which the most consistent team wins, and this year it was us.”

Luis Suárez

“I score goals thank to hard work and the help of my teammates; they give me the chances and I just put them away.(The Pichichi) would not have meant anything if we had not won the league. We must celebrate it and then turn our attention back to the cup. 

We are very pleased to have continued the winning streak. This is a historic time for the club. This is a unique generation of footballers with loads of talent and who are achieving things that have never been done before”.

 We had a negative run that meant we had to fight right to the last, but we got our prize in the end. I have always been convinced by this team. We have to carry on with so much faith in ourselves so that we can bring the fans even more joy”.

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