Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich

Coach Real Ancelotti reacts:

“The squad is very eager and there is a very positive atmosphere”. We did a good job. Everyone had a great game. The fans’ support was significant, and the atmosphere was spectacular. Our job is to do everything possible to take our fans to Lisbon”.

We worked well as a unit, the players were unselfish and mentally strong. The team is full of desire, and while we might not play well all the time, the commitment among the squad members is great. The atmosphere is very positive. We need sacrifice, courage, quality and personality next Tuesday. The tie is wide open, we have a slight lead but no one knows what might happen”.

We were a bit too timid at the beginning. We played a better pressing game towards the end in comparison to the start of the game. We didn’t cope well with the pressure during the first few minutes. After that, the team began to play together and work a lot better. We controlled the play a lot more in the second half, although we weren’t clinical with our chances during the first. We could have scored more, but the same can be said for Bayern. Iker pulled off a great save. Diego will play on Saturday and Iker will play on Tuesday”.

“Cristiano put in a great shift, he was completely sure he could play and luckily everything worked out nicely. He wasn’t in optimum shape though. Without Bale and with Ronaldo at only 50% it was always going to be tough. Cristiano has done very little speed work over the past few days. The most important thing is that he played to help us.

Coach Bayern Guardiola:

“It was a difficult match and the result is not satisfactory. We wanted a match where we controlled possession and made good transitions. We managed that to a certain extent. But our finishing let us down. Madrid always play like that. They let you play, but when they recover possession they charge upfield. They’re hard to stop because they’re so quick. But I’m very proud of my team.

We dominated the game here at the Bernabéu. We’ve failed to score but we still have the return fixture. We’ll need two or three goals, and we need our fans at the Allianz Arena in the return. The result was not satisfactory but we need our fans to get behind us at the Allianz Arena.“

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