Atletico Madrid 0-0 Chelsea

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho speaks after the game:

‘Petr Cech’s season is over.’

On the balance of the tie
‘This result leaves everything even more related to small details for the second leg. We had problems before the game, during the game and lost four players, two with injuries and two with yellow cards, but we will fight.

‘Ivanovic is back, Schwarzer showed we can trust him. People that aren’t playing a lot, like Ashley Cole, gave an amazing performance. If we have to play the kids we will. Before, Atletico spoke about the game of their lives, now the game of their lives is at Stamford Bridge.

‘Nobody starts a game thinking of a 0-0 but the game goes in a certain direction where you feel you have to be safe and not concede, try to score in one of the chances you create. We had three or four corners and two free-kicks in dangerous positions. If we scored one of them the result would have been very good. We didn’t, and we go with a result where everything will be decided at Stamford Bridge.’

On the character of his side
‘Everybody did a great job. A tired David Luiz, after playing in midfield, stepped back and played in central defence for the last 20-25 minutes, which wasn’t easy. For Ashley to play this type of game after so many games not playing, was amazing. Mikel, Lampard and Torres were immense. Every player gave everything and I’m obviously very pleased.’

Mourinho also spoke about Atletico’s qualities
‘For the first time they played a match here where they were trying to win because against Milan they won the first game at the San Siro, and against Barcelona they got a 1-1 draw away. This was the first time they played the first leg at home. They are a very difficult, very physical team and fantastic at set-plays. For us to stop them the way we did, without Schwarzer being man of the match, because he wasn’t, was really good and the team defended very well.’

Mourinho will have big decisions to make regarding team selection for Sunday’s game at Liverpool.
‘I can’t decide by myself, that’s a decision where I have to listen to the club. I’m just a piece, the manager and no more than that. The fact the match is on Sunday puts the problem not in my hands, but the hands of the people who decide the game should be played on Sunday, not Saturday or Friday. We represent English football, we are the only English team in Europe. Spain has four teams and gives them all the conditions to have success.’

Coach Atletico Madrid Diego Simone:

It was a Champions semifinals classic match, where both teams searched for their objectives. We looked for the goal and they defended very well. The qualifying round we’ll play at their home is very open. With their fans’ support they’ll feel better and we’ll see what happens next week. We’ll see if this 0-0 is good for them or for us”

“The best atmosphere to play football is the fixture we’ll play on Wednesday. It‘ll be a spectacular atmosphere and we’ll face it with enthusiasm and the motivation of wearing the Atlético shirt. We are enthused to play to play such a match in a filed such as Stamford Bridge and we expect the best”

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