Champions semis: Manchester City 0-0 Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo was announced out of the match only a few minutes before tip-off and Real Madrid suffered from it. They dominated the majority of the gamne but were unable to find the net. City goalkeeper Joe Hart made two incredible saves on the gola line to preserve the tie but as Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane mentioned, tehy deserved more.

Here are the reactions from the coaches:

Zidane (Real Madrid):

“I’m pleased with the game because it wasn’t easy. We defended very well and in the second half we had more of the ball and chances to score. I’m a bit disappointed because we deserved more, but we were very good defensively. It was a hard-fought game.

We could have scored, but getting a goal doesn’t guarantee a place in the final. We’re halfway through the tie. We’ve got the next game at home and we know what we’re capable of doing at the Bernabéu. We’ll have to work like we did today.

We played higher up, pressured more and above all, had more of the ball. If you’ve got it, it’s difficult for your opponent to defend. We didn’t get the goal and it’s open going into the second leg. We’ll try and play well like today, it’s a Champions League semi-final, so it’s not easy. I’m pleased with the result and the way everyone worked.

Cristiano Ronaldo felt something and so he didn’t play. The issue with Karim was a bit different, but it was gradually getting worse and we didn’t want to risk him. They’re two important players and we hope that they’re back for the second leg. We’ll take it day-by- day and look at it with the doctors”.

Pellegrini (Manchester City)

I don’t think Real’s quality is only with Ronaldo. I think that was a very close game. We tried from the beginning to win – we pressed high – but we were not very creative. “I don’t think Real are favourites to progress. We have the same options.

They have the advantage of playing away first – they tried to manage the pace of the game – but we play the same way away as at home and we came away from Sevilla and PSG with good results. Joe didn’t have much work for the whole game but he is a good keeper and he made a very good double save before the one with Pepe.”