Champions League 2016 – Round of 16: AS Roma 0-2 Real Madrid

It took about 45 minutes for Real Madrid to pass AS Roma which played very well, especially in the first half but lacked the clinical touch to score. Cristiano Ronaldo unlocked the game and offered us a moment of magic with a Golazo  (You can see the goal here: CR7 goal vs AS Roma) and Jese sealed the game with 5 minutes before the end of the game. AS Roma would have deserved to score one goal and will try the impossible at Bernabeu to overcome a 2-0 deficit.

Coach Zinedine Zidane comments on the win – the first one for Real Madrid in Italy for 20 years:

“Nothing is definitely over in football. We are happy with the result because it is not easy to win here 0-2. We have to play the return leg. Tonight we will sleep happily, from tomorrow on we have to think about the league game this Sunday against Málaga and we will see what happens in the return leg, but the knockout phase is still open”.

“We are always going to have difficult away games and today was one of them. We played a lot better than in the other away games, but it will also be more difficult than at the Bernabéu. Today was an important game because it is a knockout game and we managed to keep a clean sheet and score goals”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We talked and I am happy with his goal because everyone always expects him to score and in the end, look at what happened. I am happy for him and for the team. It is necessary to congratulate everyone for the work. The first half was difficult and we improved a lot in the second half. We are a team, a group and everyone is important to win something together”.

“For me, the most important thing is the group, although today, like on many occasions, Cristiano Ronaldo made the difference. When I see all of the players supporting in the dressing room and they know that they are not going to play, that is crucial. When we win, we all win and that is important. We have to keep going because we are at the start of all of this”.

“I did not see what happened with those controversial moves that you are talking about. The only thing I know is that we had a difficult game against a good team. The first half was very difficult for us and we improved a lot in the second half”.

Group huddle for the goal celebration
“It is a sign to say that we have to do this again. We are still a long way from 28 May. We have to think about the return leg, which will be difficult, but I am happy to see my players celebrating like that, all together. That is joyful to see and we want to do it again”.

La Liga
“I am still thinking the same thing. We are seven points behind and it will be difficult, but we are giving it everything and we are all happy. We are going to rest well and think about the Málaga game. On Sunday we will try to do everything to get what we need to get”.

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