PUMA Football release PUMA ONE 18.1

The PUMA ONE is made for players that think tactically, who can read the game in an instant and see a move before it happens. These great football minds need a boot that can keep up, a boot that perfects the elements of their play that matter most.

The PUMA ONE 18.1 takes the all the aspects of FIT.FAST.FEEL that were required to construct the perfect boot for today’s players and turns them up to New Levels, creating an even more perfect boot proposition.

For the perfect FEEL the layers between foot and boot have been minimized further so the players touch is more intuitive when receiving, passing and striking the ball. The leather has been updated to a super soft and thin K-Leather which has been applied only to the key striking area of the boot to help reduce weight. In addition, the engineered 3D striking curves incorporated into the application of the K-leather provide more grip and a better contact surface. Top corners hold tight.

The ultimate FIT is still evident with the evoKNIT sock and midfoot lace tapes but has been further enhanced by adding inner heel padding, reducing any foot slippage and further locking the heel into the boot. 100% pure comfort and lock-down.

The FAST has been increased with a re-thinking of the tooling. The new RAPIDSPRINT Pebax outsole reduces the boots overall weight, and the stud configuration has been designed to aid quick turns and bursts of pace, altogether offering our players a more agile boot. Witness the quickness.

Faster than ever the ONE is enhanced with an aerodynamically inspired, dynamic embossed graphic upon the synthetic area of the boot. When the light hits it, an iridescent effect shines through enhancing those silky runs with a bit of peak class.

The first incarnation of the PUMA ONE 18.1 comes in a predominantly black colorway with a pop of fluorescent red coming through on the evoKNIT sock.


PUMA Football release FUTURE 18.1.

There are players on the planet who can change a game. Then there are players that invent new ways to play it, creating unbelievable moments that turn the game on its head forever.  The FUTURE is made for those players that change the game in an instant, those that play with instinct, and invent play on the pitch pushing the game to New Levels. 

That’s why PUMA designed a boot that allows for complete individuality in both fit and style.

FUTURE is the first football boot with a truly customizable fit. NETFIT technology allows the wearer to lace their boots any way they want in order to fit perfectly, no matter the foot shape or lock-down need.

The FUTURE utilizes PUMA’s adaptable NETFIT technology initially designed for running and takes it to New Levels by applying it to the upper creating a boot that is aggressive in its aesthetic, unique in its appearance, and in its lacing system a purely individual fit experience.

The lacing system is there to be experimented with, to adapt to your fit specifications, whether wide or narrow footed, and give you the ultimate lock-down. With its infinite customization options, NETFIT allows for the ultimate on pitch expression, allowing players to truly stand out with their own unique lacing designs.

To further enhance the overall fit and feel of the boots the NETFIT upper has been fused to the evoKNIT sock and striking zones to create one form-fitting textile base layer, bringing the wearer a snug-fit whilst making sure the foot is closer to the ball on impact for that perfect touch. The evoKNIT sock has been designed to be non-restrictive and allow for limitless agility thanks to its specifically placed cuts, whilst the material itself offers supreme support and comfort throughout the game.                                                                         

The FUTURE also introduces the brand new RAPIDAGILITY outsole, made of super lightweight and reactive Pebax, and contains a mix of conical and bladed studs that are designed to bring the best results in traction and stability. Perfect for those quick turns of pace, and moments of quick footed brilliance that leave your opponents in a twisted heap.

The Q1 FUTURE 18.1 comes in a disruptive yellow and black graphic execution that echo’s the explosion of energy felt when those outrageous moments of brilliance come off, sparking off flares in the stands and scenes in the streets.