Premier League Liverpool 4-3 Manchester City

The clash of this Sunday was worth watching and what a game this was. Liverpool had a fabulous run where they scored three goals in less than 10 minutes to extend the lead to a shocking 4-1. But the League leaders have resources and came back into it with two late goals. Sergio Aguero missed one last opportunity to level up in the last seconds of the match. Manchester City are no longer undefeated in the Premier League.  

 In Liverpool fans cheer at Anfield Road to support the Reds and at Aintree for the Grand National. Liverpool FC have enjoyed a great run in the Premier League and this game against the uncontested leader Manchester City was an opportunity to face England’s and maybe Europe’s best team so far this season. They delivered.

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Coaches comments on a dramatic second half. Liverpool Coach Klopp shares his happiness:

“I am really, really, really happy about it; I’ve had absolutely worse days in my life, not a lot of bad ones but, to be honest, [I’ve had] a few worse than that. I really respect the quality of the opponent, to be honest. You can see what they do. If you want, you can see Man City five times a week pretty much; you watch it, you see it and you know you have to avoid this and deny that.

OK, it’s all possible but it’s quite difficult. You need a really good football team to do that and thank God I have one! It then makes sense to try it – and they tried really hard today. It was just a joy to watch, how both teams threw everything on the pitch. The wind made it sometimes a little bit tricky here and there – the first goal we conceded and the fourth goal they conceded, I think the influence of the wind was quite obvious in these moments.

But then, both again tried to play football – defended really well without not a lot of half-fouls, a few tacticals, especially from City in the period when we were really on track. It’s just a nice commercial for Premier League football. The whole world was watching it and if somebody didn’t like football until now then probably they would say, ‘that’s why you watch it all the time’. I am really happy about it.

It was simply the right statement. It’s not that I said in the meeting that I said, ‘boys, it would help a lot if you could win tonight so nobody speaks about Phil Coutinho anymore’ because we like talking about him, actually. He was probably still jumping in his new living room in Barcelona and happy about the win tonight.

For us, it is important to show it is possible to play without him and we did that. It was a very important statement, absolutely, but that’s all – we knew before the game, we can only get three points and not more. We got them in a very important moment, so it feels good for tonight and now we have another long week to prepare for the Swansea game. So we should use that”.

Man City coach Guardiola on the first loss of the season in the League:

“Congratulations Liverpool for the victory. We didn’t start the way we wanted but we fought back, equalized and were much better at the start of the second half. The game was in our hands at that point for the first 15 to 20 minutes after the break, but after we conceded the second we needed to be stable and in that moment, we weren’t solid enough.

We must learn from that – but we kept going and scored two more goals. The reality is we lost the game and you have to live with these situations during the course of the season and we are gong to try and make this feeling as short as possible.

It is so difficult at Anfield and Liverpool play aggressive, attacking football with the crowd behind them and though we controlled the counter-attacks quite well, after the second goal the recovery wasn’t good. The Premier League season is long, and we must only think of the next game.

There are still a lot of games to play and a lot of difficult matches ahead. We must be focused and, of course, we will defend our position. Now we have a week to recover and our focus is only on our next game against Newcastle.”