Champions League day 4: Real Madrid 1-0 Paris Saint-Germain

PSG had the most chances and clearly should have scored at least one goal in Bernabeu. Moreover Real Madrid scored thanks to a big mistake by PSG’s goalkeeper Kevin Trapp who misjudged the ball and left his net wide opened… very unacceptable at this level of competition. The victory qualifies Real Madrid to the Round of 16.

Coach Real madrid Benitez reacts on the win:

“I felt more positive about the second half, where he had more control. We defended better and we had more counterattacks. In the first half we lacked possession but we were playing against a great side. Getting players back from injury will be a breath of fresh air and will provide quality that will be noticeable because we now have players that have accumulated a lot of games.

Our aim is not to concede fewer goals, it is to score and to try not to concede. The opponents had a lot of quality and needed to win. The reaction was good. If we analyse what players score most goals, you see that three of them are out of action and that has an effect on our team”.

If we keep the team solid it will be easier to win more games. Any manager would sign on the dotted line to qualify, not concede goals and be in the three competitions.

The team suffered in the first half because the rival played well. You have to work harder when you don’t have the ball but I will focus on the reaction in the second half because that was really positive.

Sergio Ramos is right. We have to reflect upon the things that we didn’t do well in the first half. However, we also had three very clear counterattacks that could have gone our way. Things turned out quite a lot better in the second half and that meant that PSG created fewer dangerous situations”.

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