Champions League: Paris SG 3-0 Bayern Munich

The MCN stroke again as Cavani and Neymar scored while Mbappé tormented FCB’s defense all game along and delivered two assists. He took only 90 seconds for the French to take control of this much anticipated game. 

Although Bayern Munich had possession of the ball, PSG created the most chances and deserved the three points. This is a defeat Bayern Munich is not used to concede and changes might come soon since head coach Carlo Ancelotti has been vigorously criticized the last few weeks.   

Paris Saint-Germain is still under-defeated this year and the trident is making an impact every single game they are on the pitch. Last weekend Neymar was out and they straightway had more difficulties and could not score a goal for the first time this season against Montpellier 

Coach Emery commented:

“We got the three points tonight and that’s great. We wanted to win to move top of the group, and that’s what we did. It was important for our supporters to enjoy a match like this, against a quality European opponent. We adapted very well to Bayern’s tactic of playing very high up the pitch against us. We answered their possession with a very aggressive defense, with Areola in goal and a disciplined line of four defenders. Our three midfielders got through a mountain of work an, obviously, our three forwards played a magnificent match and made the most of the spaces in behind. Everything worked perfectly tonight.”

Captain Thiago Silva:

“It was a great win against a fantastic Bayern side and an excellent coach who used to work with us. We knew it was going to be a very tough match because we worked for a long time with the coach. We deserved the win. But it’s not finished yet. We have to take it one game at a time and see how it goes. The game? We prepared for this match like we would any Ligue 1 game: to control the game. We are very happy. It was important to play well tonight. When you play well, you have a better chance of winning. Each year we are progressing. The new players, Mbappé and Neymar, have seen us take another step up. The other teams will respect us a little bit more now. But we have to keep working hard.”

teenage sensation Kylian Mbappé: 

“It’s just the start of a great adventure. We really wanted to pull out a big game tonight against a formidable opponent. Mission accomplished. There was a lot of expectation and we played a really good game. We had a game plan, but against teams of this calibre, you have to be able to adapt. With our squad, we can play a possession-based game, but also win games on the counterattack, like tonight. We will try to maintain this form and keep on winning.”