Champions League week 3:

Club Brugge was the latest victim of PSG’s impeccable start in the Champions League this season. PSG won 5-0 thanks to a brace from the Inter Milan recruit, Icardi, and a hat-trick from the French superstar Mbappe. PSG have played three games so far in Europe, scored nine goals conceded none, including a 3-0 victory against Real Madrid and two away wins. This is a perfect start.

Record Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is showing again why he his the greatest under 21 player in the world. Against Brugge he became the first sub to score a hat-trick in the Champions League since 2008. The PSG player is also the fastest ever player to reach 15 goals scored in the Champions League (almost 1 year less than it took Lionel Messi).

Since returning from injury the 20 years old subbed in twice, played less than 50 minutes, scored 4 goals and gave 2 assists! Those are impressive stats.

PSG coach Tuchel, on the big away win: 

“It’s an extraordinary result, because I’m convinced it’s always very difficult to win a Champions League game. This evening it was hard until we scored the second goal. That gave us confidence and we won the ball back more.

Of course Kylian coming off the bench did us good, but we mustn’t forget the work done for 60 minutes before that. Sometimes you have to accept to not play as well, have trouble scoring, but if we can stay on our game we can get a result like tonight.”

Thiago Silva added:

“It was a difficult pass to make over 60-70 metres. When I looked to see where to pass the ball, the defender had taken a step forward and I was able to give it to Angel. He made a good run and a nice move to give it to Mauro, who scored. I’m happy, because even in the difficult moments, we stayed on our game.

We took advantage of the space to create chances. Congratulations to the whole team but also Kylian, who was immense after coming off the bench. He scored three goals coming back from injury, that shows the work he has put in.”